What Type Of School Is Best For High Functioning Autism

signs of high functioning autism

Amidst the growing rates of autism diagnosis, particularly in New Jersey, the question of what are the signs of high-functioning autism and what is the best high functioning autism school have been increasingly studied. A report recently released revealed a staggering 500% increase in autism rates among 8-year-olds in NJ from 2000 to 2016. This unprecedented surge in autism diagnosis, characterized by varying signs of high-functioning autism, has exerted considerable strain on the state’s resources, resulting in long waiting lists for special schools catering to high-functioning autism and diagnostic services, ranging from six to twenty-four months.

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The Need for Specialized Education For Autism

Considering the vast majority, approximately two-thirds of children with autism, do not have additional disabilities, the need for specialized education tailored to their specific needs has never been more acute. These findings underscore the urgency for state government and local community groups to collaborate and channel resources toward providing adequate care, guidance, and support for those with autism.

High Functioning Autism School: The Case Of LiFT Academy

Given this backdrop, one solution that emerges is technical educational institutions such as the LiFT Academy, which are dedicated to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals with high-functioning autism.

Understanding High-Functioning Autism

High functioning autism, sometimes referred to as Asperger’s Syndrome, is a term used to describe individuals who are on the autism spectrum but do not have intellectual disabilities. They often have average or above-average intelligence but struggle with social interaction and communication. It requires a unique blend of academic and social training, which the traditional school system may not be equipped to provide.

Why Choose LiFT Academy?

Choosing a school like LiFT Academy offers the advantage of a curriculum and programs specially designed to meet these unique needs. At LiFT, they not only focus on conventional academic skills but also prioritize critical life skills, ensuring that students develop holistically. Their program includes attention to communication, social interaction, problem-solving, and other crucial abilities children with high-functioning autism need to thrive.

The Role Of Behavioral Staff At LiFT Academy

The Academy’s behavioral staff is dedicated to providing students with the best therapies, tools, and activities designed specifically for their needs. The teachers at LiFT Academy aim to create engaging learning experiences specifically tailored for children with high-functioning autism.

LiFT Academy’s Bridge Program

Their Bridge Program is particularly beneficial for older students as it allows them to develop essential life skills such as cooking, self-care, and money management. These skills are vital for their independence and self-reliance in adulthood.

Assuring Quality And Inclusivity At LiFT Academy

With LiFT Academy, you can rest assured that your child’s educational and social needs with high-functioning autism will be met to the highest standards. The school provides an inclusive environment where students with autism can feel welcomed, understood, and capable of reaching their full potential.

Meeting The Growing Demand for Autism-Related Services

The rising autism rates in New Jersey, and the corresponding demand for diagnostic, educational, and treatment resources create a pressing need for solutions. Identifying the signs of high-functioning autism early is crucial. LiFT Academy represents hope in this landscape, offering tailored, comprehensive support for individuals with high-functioning autism. Investing in such institutions and methods ensures that all children with autism, exhibiting varying signs of high-functioning autism, receive the education and support they deserve.

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Joining Efforts For A Better Future

The challenges are significant, but with concerted efforts from the state government, local communities, and institutions like LiFT Academy, we can help individuals with autism lead the best possible lives. It’s time to act swiftly and decisively to meet the growing demand for autism-related services. Together, we can make a better place for people with autism. Reach out to the team at LiFT Academy today to discover how they can make a transformative difference in your child’s life.

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LiFT Academy, a developmental disabilities school, was founded on January 9, 2013. Its mission is to empower and inspire people with neurodiversity so that they can learn, thrive and achieve. We aim to create a level playing field for people with neurodiversity and learning differences. Our learners receive exceptional academics, career training and life skills. We also provide opportunities to build meaningful relationships and strengthen social skills. We are passionate about ensuring that every student learns to appreciate and celebrate their differences. It is equally important that each student respects the differences in others.

LiFT Academy is a culture that values teamwork, collaboration and dedication to improving the lives of others. We are motivated by the desire to serve students, families and community. LiFT aims to be thought-leaders in the field of neurodiversity and exceptional education. We are looking for individuals who share our values and mission, and believe in community and the power to improve the world.

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