History of LiFT

LiFT is the vision of passionate mothers who wanted an educational program that focused on independent outcomes for their own children living with neurodiversity. In 2012, Kim Kuruzovich and Keli Mondello had a vision. Inspired by their daughters, they set out to create an inclusive and accepting environment where children with special needs, autism, ADHD, and more would be free from bullying, so they would have the peace to learn and grow. Today LiFT boasts an enrollment of 170(+) students and three educational programs. LiFT Academy serves Kindergarten through 12th grade. LiFT University Transition Program is a four-year post-secondary transition program for students who have transitioned out of high school, but desire continued academics, career readiness, and intensive life skill training. LiFT Adult Training program offers continued learning and employment skills while promoting social enterprise.

As a recognized leader in the landscape of inclusive and special education, LiFT is committed to providing exceptional and equal opportunities in school, employment and life experiences for ALL!