LiFT Uniforms

LiFT Academy requires a LiFT royal blue polo shirt for all students K-12. Any student taking PE is recommended to purchase a LiFT PE Shirt.

To purchase your LiFT Uniform, please order here:

LiFT Academy Uniforms should be ordered from our uniform store and must consist of:

Solid royal blue, gray, black, or white polo style shirts. All students are required to have at least one royal blue shirt with the LiFT logo. This is ordered through our online uniform store. All students taking PE are required to wear a LiFT PE shirt, which is also ordered through our online store.

Pants or Shorts
Khaki or Navy Blue colored. Boys must always have shirts tucked in. A belt must be worn if there are belt loops on the shorts or pants. Girls may also wear Khaki or Navy-Blue colored skirts or dresses with shorts underneath, skorts, or Capri pants. No leggings or baggy/sagging pants allowed.

Shorts or Skirts
Hemline should be no shorter than two (2) inches above the knee.
*Shorts must always be worn underneath dresses or skirts.

Closed in shoes only. No combat or steel-toed boots or slippers. Heels must be one inch or lower.

Moderate and reasonable hairstyle and length, clean and groomed neatly. Neither unnatural hair coloring, extreme cuts, nor shaved-in designs are allowed for boys or girls. Boys may have facial hair that is neat and trimmed. Boys’ hair will be cut above the collar and may not fall below the bottom of the ear &/or below the eyebrows. Boys wanting to keep their longer hair may secure their hair in the back with an elastic band and/or a barrette for hair falling below the eyebrows. No hats, bandanas, do-rags, hairnets, ski caps, shower caps, or head covering allowed for either boys or girls.

Girls may wear pierced earrings. No other visible body piercings are allowed. No tattoos.

Solid gray or solid navy blue jackets with a zipper (no pull over sweatshirts) will be allowed to be worn during school hours, when weather permits. Hoods on jackets are to be taken off when indoors. Jackets will not be worn during the warm seasons.

Backpacks with or without wheels are acceptable.

Physical Education (PE)
Students taking PE, or physical education, are recommended to wear a LiFT PE shirt, which can be ordered through the LiFT Apparel Store. Students may either wear their PE shirt underneath their polo shirt and take that polo shirt off during lunch or bring their LiFT PE shirt and change into it during lunch. Students may wear their khaki or navy-blue shorts to PE or change into black or navy-blue athletic shorts. Shoes must be sneakers and socks must be worn with the sneakers. No jackets will be worn during PE unless weather dictates.