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LiFT Academic Guidance Counselor

NaSha Book

NaSha Book first earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Family Studies and Human Development at Texas Tech University. She continued to pursue her Masters Degree work at the University of Texas at Arlington. NaSha holds a professional education certificate covering school social work from the Florida Department of Education and would like to work towards pursuing licensing as a Clinical Social Worker. NaSha has worked in the field for over 9 years where she has been able to fulfill her passion for helping students, whether it is helping a student one-on-one, holding counseling groups, engaging in classroom presentations presenting social-emotional lessons to assist all students, and works closely with all staff to assist the needs of each student. Her desire lies within the ability to become an advocate and confidant for children during any stage of their life. She continuously engages in learning opportunities that will allow her to provide the very best care for every student. While not working with students, NaSha enjoys spending time with her sons and family, reading both books related to the field of counseling and those that are not, and likes to watch and attend car races, specifically NASCAR. This will be NaSha’s first year at LiFT Academy and she could not be more excited to enter our community!