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Joanne Gallagher Angel Fund

Joanne Gallagher was a shining example of what we all should be:
A faithful servant of God,
A friend to everyone,
Loving, humble, kind, and compassionate.
She lived simply but with conviction.
She would do anything in her power to help anyone she could and always through the power of prayer.

In 2012, when LiFT was still in its visionary stage by her daughter Keli Mondello and her fellow founder, Kim Kuruzovich, Joanne Gallagher was battling ovarian cancer, yet she wanted to help in any way she could. Whether it was giving $20 of her grocery funds or offering up her suffering for the success of the school – she wanted to be a part of LiFT.

When LiFT opened its doors on January 9th, 2013,  the greatest gift Joanne had to offer was her faith! So, on Tuesdays she would come into the school around noon and pray with any student who was interested … It was called “LUNCHTIME ROSARY WITH NANNY.” It didn’t matter how little the act, Joanne wanted to do what she could to help the mission of LiFT, the students of LiFT and more than that, Joanne Gallagher lived a life always wanting to help others.

On December 6, 2014, she was called Home to her Heavenly Father. The Gallagher children decided a BEAUTIFUL way to honor her memory and life was to create a fund in her name to benefit the deserving students of LiFT.

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Please consider a donation in Joanne’s honor to continue her legacy of giving and doing for others.